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Steps to Activate a Website:

To make this activation task even easier, we have put together a list of items you will need to have on hand before you start the Website Setup Wizard.

  1. AG Passport Login ID
    • You must have an AGPassport Account for either you or your church.
    • PASTORS:You will need to use your Church's AGPassport account for a church website. If you have filed your Annual Church Ministries Report online in previous years, you will already have an Church AG Passport Login ID. If you have FORGOTTEN or CANNOT find your church GC/GPH account number see "What If I Forgot the Church GC/GPH Account Number?"
    • If you or your church does not have an AG Passport Login ID, click here to go to the AG Passport web site and follow the instructions listed for AG Church Accounts. You must have this ID, in order to login and begin the Setup Wizard.

  2. E-Mail Address
    • This e-mail address will be used to send correspondence and messages regarding AG Passport security and your AG Churches.Org website.
    • If you do not have a current e-mail address to use, you will be given the opportunity to set one up during the Website Setup Wizard.


Activate your site!

Proceed to the Website Setup Module and the Activation of your New Website!